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"Searching for a preschool as a first time Mom at the age of 44 years old….I found the BEST!   There is no better feeling in the world knowing your child is in the best care. A true BLESSING is the way I felt every single school day!

Susanna Wesley School shines of happiness, professionalism and perfection from the minute you walk through the doors. No matter what your needs are whether it’s time with your child’s teacher, Director or Administrative Staff.  They will always give you 100% of their time and you will feel that they truly care about your child’s development and well being.

Susanna Wesley School covers it all; learning, social skills, creativity, health, Music and Creative Movement. Speaking of Music & Creative Movement, Susanna Wesley School has an amazing Music teacher that creates an exceptional program that the children participate in every day that they attend school! After meeting the Director, Roberta Cenci who is professional, pleasant, dedicated, devoted, loving and the most genuine person you will ever meet.  I knew this was the best place for my daughter, Jamie."

- Sharon Shredders

"Susanna Wesley School is the perfect place to start the school experience for your little ones. Both of my children had a wonderful experience not only learning many educational basics, but by also gaining friendships along the way. The teachers and staff are impeccable; they give all their heart and soul to ensuring a safe and worthwhile learning environment for the children. And the fact they have a dedicated Music and Movement Teacher, a true gem of the school, makes the whole experience that much more valuable. I couldn't have chosen a better place for my children to learn, create, grow and develop into the independent little people they are today."

- Elisa Uhrynowski

"Susanna Wesley School (SWS) has a wonderful preschool reputation and lives up to it!  I am a mother of twins and my children will be attending their third year at SWS.  They have completed the 3’s and 4’s program and will have the opportunity to participate in the Pre-K program.  Our experience with the school has been nothing but positive.  The teachers and staff are top-notch and give so much when working with the children.  The teacher and staff are very welcoming and the school has a very nurturing environment. The children grow both socially and academically.  In the 4’s program, the school prepares them daily for entry into Kindergarten with exposure to letters/numbers and learning to write.  A strong reason for our decision to have our children attend SWS was the teacher to student ratio at 12 to 2.  This was very important to me because large groups were very intimidating for my children. SWS gave my children the opportunity to feel comfortable in group-settings and adjust well in school. The teachers report daily on what their students did in the class.  

As their Mom, I personally could not wait to read about all of the exciting new things they did and learned on the board outside the classroom.  In addition, the school welcomes parent involvement by joining the PTO, being a room parent or even reading to your child in the classroom.  These are all wonderful ways which make the parent feel part of your child’s preschool experience. I strongly recommend you make Susanna Wesley School your preschool choice and know you will feel confident you made the right decision.              

- Kim Sullivan