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What is the student/teacher ratio?

Susanna Wesley School takes pride in our low student/teacher ratio.  We currently have a ratio of 11 students to one teacher and one assistant teacher for our 3,4, and 5 year old classes.  Our 2 year old classes have a ratio of 8 students to one teacher and one assistant teacher.  This allows us to meet each child’s individual needs.


Does my child bring a snack?  

Susanna Wesley School provides a mid-morning snack to all children.  Susanna Wesley School serves nutritious snacks of whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Susanna Wesley School is an allergy aware school, therefore we do not allow any foods with nuts or made in a factory that processes nuts.


Does my child participate in the Music & Movement program every day?

Yes, every day your child attends school he/she will participate for 15 minutes in our Music & Movement program.


What is the Reggio Emilia approach?  

The Reggio Emilia approach is a philosophy originating in the Reggio Emilia province in Italy. The philosophy respects each child as a competent learner. The teacher and students together create a curriculum of exploration and discovery based on the interest and passions of the group.   These long-range explorations include collaboration with the community and parents.


Does SWS have an open door policy?

Yes, parents are welcome to visit the school and participate in classroom special activities.


Does my child need to be potty trained?  

All children entering our 3-year-old program and up are expected to be toilet trained. If your child is not fully trained, please speak to your child’s teacher prior to the start of school. Together, you, the teacher, and the Director can formulate a toileting plan for your child. This plan may include you supplying diapers and wipes and/or returning to school to change your child’s diaper if needed.

Please refer to the diapering section (page 16)) for children in our 2-year-old program.